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Stop Wasting Time, Fumbling Around with your HotSpot, Missing Calls, the Frustration. You don't need a NEW Car with built-in Wifi... We can provide Better Hardware and leverage your existing Data Plan with your Cellular Carrier. There is NO Better Way. Don't Miss Out!

We even Set It up for you! We contact your Cellular Provider on your Behalf and Boom you are Connected, it is that Easy! Just like being at Home, but in your Car, Boat, RV or any other Mobile Device. There really are No Limits. The Road, River or Ocean is no Barrier with WifiMyLife.com

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What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

"We Finally found a Video Streaming Solution for our RV!"

“ Our new RV came with two 40” LED TVs, but no way to stream my Netflix, unless I was near a Wi-Fi hotspot. With my new WIFIMYLIFE 4G router I can stream TV and movies anywhere anytime. The rest of the family enjoys having a full time Wi-Fi access for their tablets and phones while we are on the road.”

Paul Klein
Happy Dad & RV Owner

Shane Melaugh

“This is a necessity for any mobile worker!”

“ I spend most of my day in my car/office, I needed a secure way to access my HQ, customer sites, with multiple devices, I am a service business and need ability to simultaneously be logged into a customer site and same time process credit card transactions. With WIFIMYLIFE a single device allows me to function as if I was at the office with a wired connection.”

Bill Phelps
Repair Technician

Shane Melaugh

“We ordered our WFML Hardware and got it the Next Day"

“The Installer they recommended knocked it out before Lunch and I was connected, I felt like I was sitting in my Office... Well in my Car, but connectivity like my office! Wow, the whole thing was SO Simple, and I will pay less than I pay for Mobile Hotspot. Love it WifiMyLife.com. I am thinking about doing the Boat for the Kids!"

Sam Webb
Drone Photographer / Videographer, Florida Aerial Media

Shane Melaugh

“Our Staff Drivers thought it was Christmas”

“When we had WifiMyLife.com add Wireless Connectivity to our Delivery Drivers Vehicles. No Need to invest in a New Fleet and "OnWhatever" it is... WifiMyLife hooked us up. Literally! They still use their Delivery App, but now are able to work and get more done when they are in the Field waiting for their next Dispatch. They see our Office Dashboard in Realtime! This is a Real Game Changer for us!"

Emma Hungrig
SM Manager & Dispatch Coordinator, PharmFreshCatering.com - Restaurant Delivery Service

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